Seven Questions You MUST Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed about what to do next. This can especially be true if the accident wasn’t your fault and you want to hold the negligent driver responsible.

One of the most important things you can do after an accident speaks with an auto accident attorney to discuss your legal options and rights. However, before hiring an attorney, there are certain questions you should ask them so that you know what to expect from them as your legal representative. Here are seven questions you MUST ask your attorney before hiring them

What do you charge?

At some point, you’ll need to discuss the cost with your attorney. Don’t wait until after you hire them. Getting a better idea of how much you’ll be spending ahead of time is not only easier on your wallet, but it helps ensure you both share a common understanding of what to expect from one another.

The other important thing to consider here is how their fees are structured: hourly, flat rate or contingency? Do they have experience working with cases like yours?

How many cases have you handled like mine?

Every case is different. It’s important to ask your attorney how many cases they have handled similar to yours so you can feel confident that they will do everything they can to make sure you get what you deserve. Keep in mind that it is not unusual for an attorney to turn down a case if they think they cannot win or handle it within their standards of quality.

What are my chances of winning?

No two car accidents are alike. When dealing with such a complicated and emotional situation, knowing your chances of winning before you hire an attorney is crucial.

This gives you an idea of how much you’ll spend and helps you choose whether or not hiring legal representation is right for you. Remember, no one can predict with 100% certainty what will happen in court – there are too many variables to consider.

Can I afford your services?

Whether or not your auto accident case is worth pursuing will be up to your attorney. But, it doesn’t hurt to know what you can expect in terms of legal fees.

When deciding on an attorney, it’s important to get an estimate on how much they’ll charge before they take your case on. That way, you can have a firm idea of whether or not their services are affordable enough for you and your needs.

Will we have frequent contact?

It’s important to understand what will happen once you hire your attorney. Do they expect constant communication or are you expected to do most of it yourself? Are you expected to answer every question and concern before contacting them? Do they have 24/7 availability or just during business hours? Will they respond within a few days or wait weeks at a time? Be clear on what is expected of you before hiring an attorney so there are no surprises.

Do you offer free consultations?

Many law firms offer a free initial consultation with prospective clients. This is not always advertised, so be sure to ask if they will meet with you without charge and without any obligation on your part.

If they won’t, move on to another attorney who will. An attorney who doesn’t offer free consultations is one that doesn’t have time for you and won’t invest in getting to know you before taking your case.

Can I review some of your case results with you over the phone today?

A lawyer is only as good as their track record, so ask if you can meet with them and review some of their past results. Seeing how they approach your case will help you feel more confident in how they’ll handle yours. The last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer that doesn’t have any real experience with your case type.