Four Questions You Should Be Asking When You Hire a Lawyer

If you have been involved in any type of business, chances are you have at one point or another been involved in litigation and needed the services of an attorney. However, finding the right lawyer can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for! When looking for a good lawyer, you should ask them four questions to make sure they are the right fit for your case! You will then know if they are the right person to represent you in court!

What do you know about my situation?

It’s not enough to simply ask your lawyer if they know your case—instead, you should ask them to explain in layman’s terms what your case is about and why they’re needed.

This will help you feel confident that they actually have all of their facts straight and are prepared for what lies ahead. It also gives you an opportunity to gauge how clear and personable they are, as well as how easily you two can communicate with one another.

How much experience do you have with similar cases?

This question may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s actually quite important. As you know, hiring a lawyer to represent you in court can be incredibly costly. If they don’t have experience with similar cases, then their hourly rate is likely going to be astronomically high because of all of the time and research involved in your case. Make sure that any attorney you hire has handled cases like yours before. This will save both of you money in the long run!

Who will be assigned to my case?

In many cases, an attorney will take on more than one case. If that is true in your situation, ask if you’ll be assigned to someone specifically or if you’ll be sharing your lawyer with other clients.

Many people are uncomfortable with shared attorneys and even nervous about not having their own individual representation, but keep in mind that working with one attorney can be less costly overall.

Why are you the best lawyer for me?

Many lawyers might be able to handle your case, but finding one who is right for you and your situation is crucial. Ask about their past experience with cases like yours; ask them to tell you about any successes or failures they’ve had in working with clients like you.

Determine whether they’re willing to work with you as opposed to selling their services. Finally, make sure that they have a solid grasp of what matters most to you: cost?