Everything You Need to Know About Legal Nursing Consultants

An increasing number of people are being accused of crimes they didn’t commit. In order to minimize your chances of falling victim to one of these wrongful convictions, it’s important to work with an attorney you can trust who has your best interests in mind and understands your rights. Legal nursing consultants are experts at reviewing medical records and analyzing physical evidence to ensure that patients receive appropriate care and that their rights are protected at all times.

What exactly is a legal nurse consultant (LNC)?

An LNC is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed an advanced degree and passed a national board examination in legal medicine. The LNC’s role is to provide expert medical evidence in cases involving catastrophic injuries or medical negligence, as well as for other types of litigation.

The scope of legal nurse consulting

Every year, patients in the United States suffer harm due to a number of preventable medical errors, ranging from misdiagnosis and improper medication treatments to surgical mistakes.

When these injuries occur, legal nurse consultants (LNCs) help their clients navigate a complex health care system and make sure that they are fairly compensated for any damages or losses. In addition, LNCs may provide expert witness testimony in court if they’ve personally examined a client’s case and feel that compensation is warranted.

How many LNCs are there in the U.S.?

According to one source, around 25% of all attorneys are legal nurse consultants. That is a lot of people who can help you get your case off on the right foot. And with legal nursing consultant jobs on a consistent rise, it doesn’t look like that percentage is going down anytime soon. (1)

What is the process like when becoming an LNC?

You will need to fill out an application and extensive application, plus successfully pass a background check. In addition, you’ll be required to take and pass an examination in order to become certified as a legal nurse consultant.

Before applying for certification you should also have completed at least two years of nursing experience, earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of nursing, and completed forty hours of CNA continuing education.

Why become an LNC?

As someone who might consider becoming a legal nurse consultant, you may be asking yourself why. LNCs can be an invaluable resource for attorneys, clients, and medical personnel. Their knowledge of medical care, nursing standards, and medical malpractice litigation is an essential part of any legal team. But what exactly does it take to become one? Here’s a quick rundown on what it takes

How do you become an LNC (Legally)?

The first step is to sit for and pass your state’s written and clinical exams, administered by that state’s board of nursing. When you have done so, you will become a legal nurse consultant in that state. If you want to practice LNC in more than one state, you may be required to take an additional exam. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants provides a list of all states with their requirements.

Do I have what it takes to be an LNC?

If you’re just getting started as a legal nurse consultant, or if you’ve been working in LNC but are feeling disillusioned with your experience, it’s good to know whether or not you’re cut out for legal nursing consulting. There are certain qualities and characteristics that an LNC must have, including

What kinds of cases do LNCs take on?

LNCs, take on cases that range from medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits to personal injury claims, including birth injuries and nursing home abuse. There are two kinds of lawsuits that LNCs often handle: civil cases and criminal cases. An LNC takes on a case when they believe that someone was wronged by another person or party and can legally bring a lawsuit.

How much can I make as an LNC?

Nursing consultants can earn anywhere from $45,000 – $100,000 a year or more. The average compensation for full-time nursing consultants is about $70,000 per year. LNCs that own their own businesses can earn far more than salaried LNCs and even RNs who work in hospitals. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into your business.

Where are most jobs in this field located geographically and how many of them are there, on average, per state/city/country, etc.?

The job market for legal nursing consultants is most competitive in New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Washington, DC. On average there are 35 jobs available per state/city. This job field is growing by 2% a year in popularity. The average salary for a legal nurse consultant is $26 per hour with no benefits or security. Currently, there are more jobs located in New York City than in any other location in the USA.