6 Must-Have Traits of A Good Lawyer

A law degree is not all that it takes to be a good lawyer; you need the right personality and skills to become one of the best in your field. A good lawyer will be able to relate well with other people, including those who are opposing him or her in court or in lawsuits, clients, and judges or juries.

He or she must be able to win the trust of his or her clients as well as their cases and must also be competent at meeting deadlines, even when he or she has multiple cases on his or her hands at the same time.

Attention to Detail

Lawyers must be able to pay attention to detail, as they are often reading through legal documents. It is crucial that they catch any mistakes or areas of conflict, as their client’s livelihood can depend on it. If you need a good lawyer for an important case in your life, make sure you find one with excellent attention to detail.


Hiring a lawyer, like any hiring decision, is a matter of trust. If you hire someone and that person doesn’t do their job correctly, how do you know it wasn’t done on purpose? Your best bet is to hire someone who will be thorough with all aspects of your case and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Don’t cut corners and don’t settle for less than your case deserves. Make sure your lawyer takes his or her time on every aspect of your case.


You may have heard about The Tortoise and The Hare, but it’s time to leave that fable behind. Slow-and-steady is not a virtue when it comes to court cases. While you should keep a cool head in any adversarial setting, your patience has its limits when you are dealing with clients’ or insurers’ money.

Good Listener

A good lawyer must be a good listener, as no two cases are alike. And even if your case is similar to that of another client, listening well will help you develop a rapport with your clients and get them to trust you.

Listening also means paying attention not only to what your client says but how they say it; tone, pitch, and body language all carry valuable cues about how things are going with your case.

Empathy Section: Accountability

You might think a top trait for a lawyer is knowledge. You’d be wrong. Lawyers should be held accountable for their actions, which requires total honesty and transparency at all times.

Honesty: Lawyers spend years studying law and speaking before judges, juries, and audiences. They are taught to present facts in an unbiased manner. When you hire a lawyer, he or she must speak candidly with you about your case without fear of hurting your feelings or swaying your emotions one way or another.